Step 1: I am a coach


How did I get here???

It never surprises me how during the holiday’s I can get so introspective…asking myself questions about what my year has been like, what it has been about.
Well, this blog is all about me being coach, an Ontological Coach and how it has completely permeated and created the existence of life as I know it today.  Yup!  Pretty intense words, but it is true.  I never thought that there would have been such an impact on my life, but being an Ontological Coach did exactly what I thought it would have done.  Changed me from the inside out.

The Story Starts when I was pregnant 5 years ago…I was searching.

I guess you could say I was searching for answers.  I was about to become a mother of 2, and was still just beginning to understand the role of mother, let alone a wife and soon mother of two.

I was attending a workshop called “Punching Jesus” through Being University with Hans Phillips.  It was through that workshop that I learned my essence:  Leader, Power, Joy, Beauty, Spirit, Wisdom.  Hans, my coach and mentor, saw such possibility in me, that I did not see in myself.  He put me on stage and I began to speak truth, people asked me questions about their lives and I found such intense connection with them that I could answer with complete trust.  To this day, I still receive emails from attendees telling me that I changed their lives.

Fast forward to 1 year ago December 2010…

  • I gained 60 lbs post babies, lost 20 and got stuck there.
  • Over the last 5 years, I’ve worked with a number of Personal Development Speakers and Coaches usually for their sales and marketing
  • Represented over a dozen different companies (Direct Sales, MLM, Network marketing, Relationship marketing etc)
  • Made and lost money
  • Tried going back to the corporate world twice over the last five years.

Things started to become more clear…

Hans Phillips began his Ontological Coaches Training Program and invited me to check it out.  Why not?  What could I lose from receiving coaching from the leading edge of Ontological work?  I thought, at the very least I would change.  Well, I did.

  • I’ve learned to love me for who I am.  Not some made up definition created by what others deem me to be, but really looking inward into my own essence and alignment and realizing that we are all good.
  • Wellbeing is the order of the day.  Through measuring and tracking my wellbeing, I became committed to the practices that contributed to a peak life existence.
  • Managing my emotional wellbeing and understanding that I had a choice in my responses and reactions to life.  I’ve also followed a lot of the Abraham Hicks teachings on this as well.
  • As a coach I get paid to do what I love to do:  Creating a haven of inspiration so I an others can live a life that we’ve always dreamed of.
  • Amazing relationship with my loved ones:  My husband, my children, my friends and family.  My spiritual relationship with myself!
  • The truth that we all have our own inner guidance, that we are all beautiful and have possibility looking to shine through.

So I’m a coach.

This blog will be following a 9-Step Process

I’ll be sharing my own experience as an Ontological Coach and Speaker, and sharing my process of creation, marketing, sales, time management and the whole emotional journey that goes with that.

Being Real with Miki Grace

Sharing from authenticity and inner truth, interviewing myself and others on this cool journey we call living.

My purpose and intention is to inspire others and myself to live my true life and being.  I do this through one on one coaching, workshops and teleseminars.  I invite you to track along the journey, it will be fun, loving and joyful!

Love you, love me!


Miki Grace and Assoc.


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